All Borrowers with greater then 10% ownership…

  • Personal Financial Statement - completed and signed
  • W-2's - 3 yrs. for all borrowers (all jobs, if applicable)
  • Personal Tax Returns - 3 yrs., plus Business Returns (if self employed). Federal only with all schedules, tax return notes and K-1's. This is especially important if you itemize deductions, own your own business or have rental property income.
  • Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet, year-to-date (unaudited, Quickbooks is fine)
  • Rent Roll and copies of all lease agreements
  • Bank Statements (and/or Asset statements) ALL pages!
  • Accounts Receivable aging reports copies - 90 days (if applicable)
  • Agreement of Sale - fully executed by all parties (if this is a purchase transaction)
  • Realtor contact information (extremely important if this is a purchase transaction)
  • Mortgage Statements - most recent from all mortgage companies (incl. Home Equity)
  • Property Tax Bill - most recent from all properties
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Deed (or Deed of Trust) - copy of the filed and stamped deed
  • Drivers License (or Permanent Resident ID Card) - copied
  • Insurance - most recent property and liability insurance declaration page(s) and your agent's contact info.
  • Property Description or recent Multiple Listing (MLS). Pictures are preferred.
  • One Page Executive Summary - describe your business, products & services, expansion or start up plans,revenue streams, profit margins, etc.

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