7th Level's Get Debt Free Program

You can Potentially SAVE THOUSANDS of Dollars

Do you have over $15,000 in Credit Card Debt or Student Loans?

Are you barely paying your bills each month w/ little left over? Are you using Credit to BUY basic necessities?

Holding on to that 3% Mortgage Rate likes its the HOLY GRAIL? WHY?

Let us show you how you can save potentially thousands of dollars per month - Its a FREE NO COST or OBLIGATION Review!

7 steps to SAVING MONEY& Paying Off Debt

  1. Log on to www.mortgagenewschannel.com - hit APPLY NOW! (Income info ready)
  2. Complete a 7 min application or speak to a licensed Loan Officer
  3. Upload or email 7 pieces of information regarding your Income and ID
  4. Soft Pull Credit report will be completed ( will not affect your credit scores!)
  5. Loan decision and Approval within the hour sent to you
  6. Loan Application Sent, Appraisal and Title Ordered
  7. Close in 30 days and SKIP a mortgage payment - START SAVING MONEY

You have tons of Equity sitting in your home, its time to put it to WORK!

  • 85% Debt Consolidation Program
  • Fico Scores down to 600 FHA rates in the 6's
  • If rates Drop in next 12 mo - Streamline to lower your rate at reduced costs
  • Even if you have been late on your Mortgage
  • Ch 13 Bankruptcy Buyout Available
  • $625 Total Money out of pocket upfront, credited back at closing

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